Welcome to Blackwood Valley Distillery. Below you will find the first batches of our Limited Run Series. The Limited Run Series is exactly that. We are creating small batches of seasonal and experimental blends which will complement our soon to be released core range. Once they’re sold, they’re gone!


$60.00 AUD

Grounded in its provenance and grounded was our Distiller (a Pilot by day) when the final recipe for this gin was decided on. The grounding of the aviation industry due to COVID-19 allowed us to fine tune this citrus driven blend.  

Combining twelve traditional and local native botanicals, the fresh citrus profile is balanced with gentle floral notes and a hint of warmth and spice.  

Delicious on it’s own or mix it with your favourite dry tonic for a delicious GnT.

500ml  –  43% abv 


$39.00 AUD

Our apple liqueur has been a glint in Pete’s eye since The Cidery began. The recipe has been simmering for years and we can’t wait to finally let it shine.

Local apples are freshly crushed on-site to produce the signature juice that is naturally concentrated and combined with high quality spirit.

 The result is a deliciously fresh, zesty and more-ish drink that is perfect on its own or on ice any time of the day! 

500ml  –  18% abv