The Cidery

Our ciders allow you to experience the unique taste of real cider made purely from freshly crushed apples. Since 1998 we have crushed and pressed local Pink Lady apples to produce 100% natural alcoholic and non-alcoholic ciders and juice. All our ciders and juice are free from added sugar, water, concentrates and flavour enhancers. Cider enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with our range of ciders and if you are a cider novice we guarantee there will be one to suit you!


NON ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

Our Non alcoholic Soft Cider is made using the fresh juice from our latest apple crush. The main variety is the Pink Lady apple seasonally blended with the freshest other varieties available at the time. This results in some minor seasonal flavour variation as is typical of freshly produced juices. The flavour is always crisp, refreshing, sweet and fruity with lively carbonation.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

As the name suggests this is a sweet fruity cider. Loads of seasonal apple flavour combined with lively carbonation make this a favorite of sweet cider drinkers. Savour the flavour of whats in season.

It has an alcohol content of 4.5%


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

A dryer style of cider which still has plenty of apple flavour, A hugely popular cider over many years as it has a great balance between fruit, sweet and dry characters. Perfect for lazy days and long lunches. It has an alcohol content of 5.5%.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

If your looking for something different try this. It’s all happening in Bittersweet, apple flavour, sweetness, sours and more. A little old world but clean and refreshing. A delicately balanced symphony of flavours that’s kinda fun to drink.  It has an alcohol content of 6.5%.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

A cloudy unfiltered cider fermented with skins and pips. We use a commercially available wild yeast variety to ensure this cider has unique characters cloning the best examples of old world cider. Fresh, crisp and intriguing. It’s more like eating an apple that is cider and sparkling. It has an alcohol content of 5.5%


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

Australian ginger adds a kick to this cider contributing warmth and flavour. Ginger fans will love this cider. The delicately balanced kaleidoscope of apple and ginger flavours in a crisp sparkling cider is perfect for almost any occasion. It has an alcohol content of 5.5%


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $72 carton of 16

A deliciously fruity sparkling Cider featuring local pears. The unique flavour of ripe pears adds a lovely dimension to this cider. Both the aroma and flavor of this pear cider reflect the quality of the orchard ripened pears used to produce it. It has an alcohol content of 5%