The Cidery

Our ciders allow you to experience the unique taste of real cider made purely from freshly crushed apples. Since 1998 we have crushed and pressed local Pink Lady apples to produce 100% natural alcoholic and non-alcoholic ciders and juice. All our ciders and juice are free from added sugar, water, concentrates and flavour enhancers. Cider enthusiasts are spoilt for choice with our range of ciders and if you are a cider novice we guarantee there will be one to suit you!


NON ALCOHOLIC – Price: $60 carton of 12 / $100 carton of 24

Our non alcoholic soft cider is extremely popular. Our freshly crushed pure apple juice is lightly carbonated resulting in a sparkling apple juice that is both light and refreshing. It appeals to both children and adults and is a great alternative if you prefer non alcoholic beverages or if you are pregnant.

After the apples were brought in from the orchard there would be a clamour for the fresh juice produced. Even more so when fermentation had just begun! The newly fermenting juice would contain full fruit with negligible alcohol, whilst the carbon dioxide “spritz” produced by the yeast at this early stage, gave the juice an attractive freshness and lightness.

Soft Cider is truly reminiscent of this early stage of fermentation. It is a non alcoholic cider presenting the full ripe fruit juice characters of the Pink Lady apple with  balanced natural acidity. Its spritzig nature ensures it always remains refreshing on the palate, thus providing an interesting and attractive non-alcoholic alternative for the sweet cider drinker.


NON ALCOHOLIC – Price: $60 carton of 12 / $100 carton of 24

Our Apple Kiss is 100% pure filtered Pink Lady apple juice. Apple Kiss is a filtered juice, that is naturally sweet, refreshing and receives no added sugar, water or additives but presents the unadulterated purity of freshly crushed Pink Lady apples “……just like eating a ripe apple, without having to chew”.

Fresh local apples are sourced from local suppliers and orchardists. Bruised and damaged fruit is discarded and only apples of good eating quality are crushed, using traditional methods. The resultant juice is clarified and filtered, without any additives or  any added water or sugar. Apple Kiss offers a pure alternative to reconstituted fruit juices, bringing all of natures goodness to you in a bottle.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $60 carton of 12 / $100 carton of 24

An attractive, fresh and naturally sweet sparkling cider. Sweet Rosie has the light fruit sweetness of fresh Pink Lady apples. The alcohol level is restricted to 4.5%.

Traditionally, sweet cider would only be available if taken from the vat during fermentation. Taken early, it would have high sweetness and low alcohol. If taken toward the end of fermentation it would have relatively less sweetness and higher alcohol. Fining and racking between vats would extend the life of sweet cider however it would always have a propensity to ferment to full dryness.

Sweet Rosie is a full fruit sweet cider exhibiting the clean sweetness of Pink Lady apples. This is achieved through a ‘stop ferment’ process; stopping the ferment at the desired level of alcohol and sweetness. It has the classic character of initial fruit sweetness balanced by a fresh cleansing acidity, much sought after in classic sweet cider.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $60 carton of 12 / $100 carton of 24

A satisfying, dry and lightly spritzig cider, with clean crisp apple character. Champagne yeast is added to our pure apple juice and in controlled conditions fermentation begins as the yeast converts natural apple sugars into alcohol and CO2. For Spider Cider, the fermentation process continues through to an alcohol level of 5.5%.

The Characteristics of an ‘end of ferment’ cider are those of full dryness yet without the aged characters typical of scrumpy. Traditionally such cider would only be available for a short period following fermentation. This style of cider retained its natural freshness for a limited period, prior to the increased oxidation and acetification brought with age.

Following the crushing of premium quality Pink Lady apples, fermentation of the juice is carried out to maximise the retention of natural fruit characters. Following fermentation the process of racking, filtering and blanketing with carbon dioxide ensures that this attractive freshness is retained. Thus producing a dry cider typical of the end of fermentation, with fresh acidity and a clean dry finish


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $60 carton of 12 x 330ml/ $100 carton of 24 x 330ml/ $80 carton of 12 x 500ml

This one will “kick you into next week!”…Scrumpy is based upon the most traditional of ‘rough farmhouse ciders’. A completely still, dry cider, it has layers of complexity as a result of a long ageing process. A true scrumpy should have a back palate “kick”, which not only comes from the high alcohol content (6.5%alc) but more traditionally from the high levels of acetic acid or cider vinegar that result from the ageing process.

Scrumpy, an aged cider sometimes called ‘rough cider’ or ‘farmhouse cider’, was one of the staple alcoholic drinks of the agricultural workers of Northern Europe, much as wine was to the agricultural workers of Southern Europe. Following fermentation of juice from late season windfall apples, fresh cider was stored in oak barrels and drawn from these for  consumption over the following year. The extended storage time in the barrels increased both the oxidative and acetic characters of the cider.

These contribute to Scrumpy’s unique and distinguishing aged characteristics complemented by traditionally high alcohol content (typically around 6.5%). Unlike traditional aged  European ciders, our Scudamore’s Scrumpy is made from premium quality Pink Lady apples. The juice and cider is handled to avoid micro-biological spoilage yet allowing for controlled oxidation and acetification. This produces a clean and fully dry aged cider with all the essential characteristics of a good scrumpy, complete with that classic acetic or “cider vinegar”
bite on the back palate.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $80 carton of 12 x 500ml

Bitter Sweet combines the attractive elements of fresh modern sparkling ciders with the complexity of traditional aged ciders, it has an alcohol content of 6.5%.

“Cider – but not as you know it!”…One for the adventurous cider drinker looking for ‘the next big thing’ in ciders. A truly unique cider style, different from any other in the marketplace. We describe it as cider with a twist, or as it is better described on the label “Real Bitter & Twisted Cider”…. Drink in a pint glass, over ice.


ALCOHOLIC – Price: $80 carton of 12 x 500ml

Each bottle of Cargan’s Perry contains 100% pure juice extracted from local South West pears. At only 6.5%alc, our dry, refreshing and light, Cargan’s Perry is a must for any Perry or Cider lover.

Exhibiting an attractive crisp, clean and natural pear finish typical of a good Perry, this beverage is a fine choice for any occasion. Best consumed in a pint glass over ice.

*Please note that Cargan’s Perry is a seasonal beverage.