Mixed Spider & Rosie – 375ml cans – Box of 16


8x Cans of Sweet Rosie & 8x Cans of Spider Cider. All cans 375ml



Sweet Rosie

An attractive, fresh and naturally sweet sparkling cider. Sweet Rosie has the light fruit sweetness of fresh Pink Lady apples. The alcohol level is restricted to 4.5%.

Traditionally, sweet cider would only be available if taken from the vat during fermentation. Taken early, it would have high sweetness and low alcohol. If taken toward the end of fermentation it would have relatively less sweetness and higher alcohol. Fining and racking between vats would extend the life of sweet cider however it would always have a propensity to ferment to full dryness.

Sweet Rosie is a full fruit sweet cider exhibiting the clean sweetness of Pink Lady apples. This is achieved through a ‘stop ferment’ process; stopping the ferment at the desired level of alcohol and sweetness. It has the classic character of initial fruit sweetness balanced by a fresh cleansing acidity, much sought after in classic sweet cider.

Spider Cider

A satisfying, dry and lightly spritzig cider, with clean crisp apple character. Champagne yeast is added to our pure apple juice and in controlled conditions fermentation begins as the yeast converts natural apple sugars into alcohol and CO2. For Spider Cider, the fermentation process continues through to an alcohol level of 5.5%.

The Characteristics of an ‘end of ferment’ cider are those of full dryness yet without the aged characters typical of scrumpy. Traditionally such cider would only be available for a short period following fermentation. This style of cider retained its natural freshness for a limited period, prior to the increased oxidation and acetification brought with age.

Following the crushing of premium quality Pink Lady apples, fermentation of the juice is carried out to maximise the retention of natural fruit characters. Following fermentation the process of racking, filtering and blanketing with carbon dioxide ensures that this attractive freshness is retained. Thus producing a dry cider typical of the end of fermentation, with fresh acidity and a clean dry finish.

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